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Hi Everyone!

We spent our half term making some amazing creations for our Class Museum!

It was quite a formal affair and we spent quite some time in the hall looking at everyone’s fantastic work.

Here we are taking notes for some of our reviews:

IMG_1507  IMG_1504 IMG_1505   IMG_1503 IMG_1502  IMG_1501 IMG_1500  IMG_1499 IMG_1498  IMG_1497 IMG_1496  IMG_1495

Here are some snippets from our reviews:

” I went to the museum and it was fun! My favourite thing was the sock puppet. I really liked the teeth and the eyes. I also like the Haunted House. My favourite part was the tree. I liked the ghost it was in the window”  William H.


”I liked the football stadium because I liked the faces and the people. I like how he made it too and the goals” Eva


”The Broomstick – I like it because it looks old. I wonder how long it took to make? The model also looked interesting. It looks very brilliant!”  Elodie


”I loved the Dr Pepper because it’s realistic. I also liked the pumpkin!!”  Alfie P.


What do you think?


Miss Breckon and Class 2 🙂

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