Maths Investigation Fridays: Tessellation

Maths Investigation Fridays: Tessellation

Hi Everyone!

Last week we had a letter from Bear Yo Yo explaining that he needed new wallpaper for his cave.

He only liked shapes that could tessellate on his wallpaper so we experimented with different shapes and tested which ones could tessellate.

Here are some of our wallpapers:

IMG_1171 IMG_1170 IMG_1169 IMG_1168 IMG_1167 IMG_1166 IMG_1165 IMG_1164 IMG_1163 IMG_1162 IMG_1161 IMG_1160 IMG_1159 IMG_1158 IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1155 IMG_1154 IMG_1153 IMG_1152


I am sure he will appreciate some of our brilliant designs!


See you soon !

Miss Breckon and Class 2 🙂


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